The Family Trilogy

    The Family Trilogy, a crime thriller featuring former Irish Mob member Abigail Sullivan and her rise and fall and rise again within the new New York mob.

    Abigail's story started out as a simple assassin novel. Assassin meets target, falls for target, that sort of thing. Then the Irish Mob showed up and the story took a completely different turn, ending in a trilogy involving the FBI, a slew of Irish cousins, and a leader named Uncle Simon who took on a life of his own, even though he died well before the book takes place.

    A warning, The Family Trilogy does contain violence and foul language.

    See each book's individual page to read sample chapters and find out where you can purchase The Family Trilogy.

     Also, click the link to see the Pinterest account for The Family Trilogy. You'll find pictures directly related to the novels, as well as pictures that inspired me while writing.


Family Secrets, book one of The Family Trilogy is out! Buy it on Amazon!