An elven archer, a dark knight, and a rogue mage stride into a tavern...

Wait, reality check.

A writer, a programmer, and an artist work at a coffee shop...

That's better.

Welcome to Black Hole, home of the city's best black coffee and famous Leia's Buns.
When aspiring screenplay writer and LARPing champion Kaylee Andrews loses her job and her apartment in the same day, she wants to run and hide in a Hobbit Hole for the rest of her life. Then her best friend and official Support, Darian, offers her a job at Black Hole, a coffee shop his uncle owns. Add in Juniper, an artist and daughter of vegan hippies (though not a vegan or hippie herself), and you have three awkward nerds trying to make it through daily life.

Join Kaylee, Darian, and Juniper through one night stands, cosplays, free comic book days, Comic Cons, a fanfiction obsessed stalker, and more in Black Hole.